Artist’s Statement

What is it to be? What might better being be? What decides?

Christine’s Conceptual Practice is driven by ontological enquiry and examines themes like ‘Identity’, ‘Interconnectedness’ and ‘Materiality’ through a range of Fine Art processes resulting in diverse outcomes including illustration, print making, textiles, artist’s books and installation. A trajectory of practice around human-world interconnectedness that began in 2018-19 exploring themes about wellbeing in terms of place and space in ‘Shinrin Yoku’ (Installation) continued within the context of studying for a Masters in Contemporary Fine Art. Here, work has developed around material entanglements between mineral, vegetable and animal resulting in ‘How It Comes To Experience You’ (Artist’s Books) and the development of ideas for exhibition in ‘It Borrows You for A While’. These latter works, focussing upon the story of iron, blood and breath.

Current research is examining the myth of Prometheus employing found images, printmaking, collage and bricolage as a means of articulating the multi-layered meaning of the myth and through visual juxtapositions and antitheses, exposing the diverse conflicting appropriations of the myth to serve varying ideologies through time.

A gallery site illustrates outcomes of the Practice.

More on theory and process can be found at

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